• Why we drive...

    The creation of the Overcrest Rally is the sum of every road we have ever driven. Most are uninspiring. Just like you, we commute, we errand. But as with all things, the contrast of our experiences forges slivers of life into defining experiences. For those that love to drive, explore, and sacrifice to discover roads, places, and relationships that live in us for the rest of our lives, we’ve created the Overcrest Rally. We scout, toiling for thousands of miles to curate the best of the best roads and scenery in places that most have never been. We hope you will join us in discovering the breadth and contrast that we all need, bringing definition to the driving enthusiast in all of us.   

  • This year the Rally took us to Oregon. Last year was Idaho, and Utah before that. All were enormous in scope, and remote. They were an ideal place to create the nostalgia we bring with us forever. There, we all created stories to share, drove sweeping roads in the deserts and mountains, and took in the beauty of millions of years the earth laid bare. We’ll be together again in 2024. 

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  • Spreading the mantra of Take the Car, and creating an event like the rally is only possible with our partners. They are the backbone of our success, helping to create an atmosphere that embodies the values of perseverance, sacrifice, and passion for exploration and driving.