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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Overcrest Rally?

The rally is an application only rally that brings people to obscure, little traveled places, and roads. It’s less about proving mettle, and more about seeing exploring from a new perspective, and how that experience can impact your life. This is not a rally in the motorsport sense, but a rally of exploration, camaraderie, and discovery.

Where and when is it?

In 2024, Overcrest will be hosting multiple Rallies. Stay tuned for ruther details...

Is Overcrest an off-road rally? 

Only if you want it to be. There is gravel on the route but only if you want to take it. All routes provide tarmac only, and mixed routes, the choice is yours. 

What Kind of cars do you let in? 

Overcrest is an Application only rally. In addition to the “why” you want to come, we think the type of car you bring and how it integrates with the rest of the cars on the rally has a huge impact on the experience we put together. We believe an analog experience is best and that “slow car fast”, while not a hard rule, is the best way to experience the rally. Overcrest is a sports car and car rally. You’re welcome to apply with a truck, but cross your fingers hard.

What is the Overcrest Film Festival? 

The Film Festival is the capstone to the rally. It is open to all, for more info, go here.

What kind of accommodations are there? 

Overcrest usually foots the bill for some food and a dinner, and maybe some surprise things along the way, but where your head falls is up to you.

Over the years we’ve learned people have unique expectations on where they stay and how nice (Jake spec), or... dirtbag (Kris spec), it is. Under the stars or under a roof, its on you.

Is this a good rally for a first timer?

Absolutely. Its a great place to start for a first timer, or a seasoned road trip and rally veteran. The rally is run at “your pace” and the pace of you and your buddies. It is not a lead follow rally. 

How much driving will I be doing?

We won’t kid you - its a lot, but we’ve been told its the “right amount”. We get up early, jam all day, and stay up late. You’ll have plenty of time to see the world around you, stop, hang out, and even do a little “wonder where that goes” exploring on your own.

Do you have guidelines for the gravel sections on ride height and tire suggestions?

Yes, look for this on the route book, and map before you head out at the rally. Remember, gravel is OPTIONAL. You don't have to do it. This year, in Oregon, the gravel sections do take us to some absolutely epic locations, but not without risk. 

For additional questions please contact us at info@overcrestproductions.com.