When it all comes down to it, this is about driving, so lets get out and do it together! Come hang out with Kris and Jake October 6th as we go drive the alphabet roads of western Wisconsin. Our 3 unique loops will meander up and down the Mississippi River Valley on obscure, and most scenic roads in the midwest. These roads are truly drivers roads, hand picked by Kris after years of exploration and experience.

There will be multiple routes to choose from, some more aggressive than others, and even some with gravel shortcuts should you prove brave enough. You'll be receiving a rally map, with notes, and you'll be heading out in small groups with your friends to drive at your own pace. We'll have a casual hang out after the drive, and are meeting for lunch in the midst of the rolling hills and bluffs of the Mississippi River Valley. We will let you know more info, and expand the schedule below when we finalize more information!

Rally Schedule:

Saturday October 5th:

8am: Minnesota Cars and Coffee - Join Kris, Jake, Rally drivers and co-drivers for the biggest Monthly show in the nation!

7pm - Hang out with Kris and Jake, Location TBD

Sunday October 6th:

8am - Meet at the Old Fairgrounds. 700 Main - Beach PK St, Wabasha MN

9am - 10am - Departure on your Rally Leg of choice! Check your map for Points of interest, photo spots, places to chill out, and more…

12-2pm - Lunch GTG at the Stone Barn (see map)

6-10pm - Decompress and hang, Location TBD

We are no longer accepting applications, if your application has been approved, TICKET SALES closes September 1st!

Registration is $40 for cars and $25 for passengers. This includes a spot on the rally, t-shirt, rally map/notes, and a rally decal.