Overcrest Redux Rally

We’re excited to have all of you join us here in Utah. This place holds a special nostalgia for Overcrest, as we held our original national Rally here in 2021. It is a expansive, beautiful place, with amazing roads.

That said, this place is very unforgiving. Please be responsible:

  1. Obey the law. Some of the roads are extremely dangerous. A mistake could result in extreme injury or even death. Be careful, and respect your car, the road, and others.
  2. Be prepared. Bring water. This is the remote desert, not Los Angeles. Bring snacks. Especially Friday. Bring a cooler, pack a lunch, have a picnic. Pack appropriately and take care of and be responsible for yourself. You'll be nowhere for the majority of your time on the route.
  3. Get gas often. Some of the most beautiful roads are in the middle of nowhere. If you pass a gas station, stop and top off your tank. You don't want to end up coasting down the mountain because you're running on fumes.

Lastly, we hope you enjoy the rally, enjoy the solitude and make friends not only with the road, but with each other.

Thursday afternoon - Registration

Registration 2:00 - 5:30pm

pin iconMexican Hat

Head around to the backside of the rock where you’ll get some cool stuff, and hang out for a bit before heading into town.

Thursday evening - Dinner


pin iconThe Swinging Steak

The iconic Swinging Steak (which unfortunately no longer features the swinging grille of it's namesake) will host us for dinner and camaraderie. Dinner here is on us, and is provided by our friends at Nokian Tyres.

Please note: The restaurant, like many small businesses along our route, has limited seating, and is owned/operated by the locals. We ask that you be patient, and adopt the slower pace of the desert.

Friday - Day 1


pin iconGouldings Airport

Why are we meeting so damned early!? Or driver's meeting and roll-out will coincide with the desert sunrise. We promise it'll be worth it.

We expect everyone to attend the drivers meeting at the airport at 5:45 am. Showing up around 6 or 6:15 is not recommended. Departure times will be 6:30 am, right at sunrise. Be punctual, be on time. No one will wait for you. There are no "leaders" and you are encouraged to drive with your friends and stop wherever you'd like.

The routes are 5-7 hours at a quick pace. That leaves plenty of time to turn off, make your own path, explore small towns, take a short hike, or just hang out with friends in total isolation. The best part of where we are is how empty it is. Stop, take it in, and appreciate the solitude.

Friday night is spent in Escalante. There are many dinner spots in town. We’ll be meeting up unofficially at Nemos, a little burger joint in town… again – please patient with these small town venues.

Saturday - Day 2


pin iconEscalante High school

Saturday a similar morning start. This isn’t as scenic as Monument Valley, but in this area, with all the canyons, space is limited. Saturday is a long haul — arrive early and leave early so you can appreciate your time on the road. We’re giving you 14 hours to drive at the most, 8 1/2 hours. In the end, it is up to you to manage your time.

Saturday Night - Drive-in movie


pin iconMt Basin Theater

The film we’re showing starts at dusk at the Mt Basin Theater, around 8pm. Your rally entry fees pay for access to the theater but you’re on your own for dinner. The burgers here are phenomenal. Bring cash. Attendees are welcome to camp at the theater if you’d like.


SCENIC App route links

flag iconDay 1 - Tarmac
flag iconDay 1 - Gravel
flag iconDay 1 - Hardcore/Safari-mode

flag iconDay 2 - Tarmac
flag iconDay 2 - Gravel