Chalk it up to a Monday…

Drive Thru’s are evil, The Holy Grail comes to America, A Car goes whirrr, and more...

Thanks for Listening to Overcrest: A Pretty Good Car Podcast

Minneapolis has banned the drive thru... in return still expects you to find somewhere to park.

RS6 Avant...maybe. 

Solar Roads proven to be just another Stupid environmentalist pipedream.

Biohacking Tesla Model 3 Owner Implants Key Card Chip Into Her Arm

If you’re really, really, really, really rich, Aston Martin will build you a garage

Great news for people with bad taste

California Man's Plot to Avoid Tickets With 'NULL' Vanity Plate Nets Him $12K in Fines

You can now go almost 200mph for 60 grand

Thanks to Johnny Smith, we finally know what the Taycan sounds like....

What brand/model do you think gets the most speeding tickets

West Virginia student found her Fiat 500 thoroughly destroyed early last week...


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