Episode 20 | #iknowmikeolson

In our 20th episode, Kris talks about his new car, not buying an e36 m3, not buying a 328xi, not buying a Volvo v70r, serial killers, Kansas, prisons, autonomous toll booths, state troopers, ice storms, and much more. We cover a few news topics, and Kris rants about stupid enigmatic/esoteric feel-good car commercials. 

Kris and Jake also interview Mike Olson, (#iknowmikeolson) a stanchion in the old school water-cooled VW community. We'll discuss the path the stateside European car culture has taken over the last 20 years, wheels, road trips,and more! Find Mike on instagram at @tattoo24v

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Stupid Mazda Commercial:




Jake Solberg