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Please join us for the third annual Overcrest Film Festival in Mollala, Oregon on October 14th.

The 2023 Overcrest Film Festival is a celebration of automotive films, and the creators behind them. As a capstone event of the 2023 Overcrest Rally, this year’s event will be a true festival, in every sense of the word. A collection of cars, films, food, drink, and secret wares at a killer location:

Key Motors Auto Wrecking
29649 OR-213, Molalla, OR 97038
4-9:30 PM, Film Fest starts at 6:45 pm

We are excited to present this one-of-a-kind event with help from our partners:

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Purchase a ticket below to attend. Admittance to the Film Fest is included for all Overcrest Rally goers, but all other attendees must pre-purchase a ticket.

Please note that parking is extremely limited. Because of this, all parking requires either a show car or general parking ticket. We encourage you to have your friends ride shotgun, and carpool to ensure as many people are able to attend as possible.

Food and drink are available for purchase on site. Outside food and beverage is fine, but whatever you bring probably won’t be as good.

Key Motors and Wrecking is private property. We are trusting you to be respectful of the property and its collection of majorly cool stuff. Remember, lookin is cool, but no touchin. Marvin Key, the property owner, has spent many decades collecting and curating this property. Respect it. Anyone caught not doing so will be escorted out by security, and banned from Overcrest events for life.

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Want to volunteer for this event?

Overcrest volunteers gain free entry into the festival, not to mention the excusive swag...
Drop us a line below.